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The Junction Village Guelph is a multi-generational community that recognizes the profound benefit to connecting people across a neighbourhood. Whether sharing childcare, a trampoline, or a lawnmower, acknowledging that we are better together. Located in the Junction Neighbourhood just west of downtown Guelph, the community is a diverse collection of people who share the common commitment of making a difference.



We envision a vibrant, inclusive, multigenerational community that nurtures people to transform how we live in the urban environment. We aim to be a model of what is possible with numerous examples creating a diverse ecosystem of living spaces.  We are a space for families, seniors, students, children and young adults.  This is a incubator of ideas.  We are better together.  


We strive to create resilient, joyful, purposeful lives leaving the world better than we found it. We are a stand for all people to lead inspired lives, always learning and growing, full of possibilities.


Our days are filled with conversation and action, in a space where each person has a voice, and each life makes a difference, surrounded by laughter and love.


We believe in creating and fostering private spaces for invention and reflection, as well as common, shared spaces for collaboration and cross-pollination. We see the importance in creating spaces for both conversations that are aligned and agreeable, and ones that are difficult and challenging.


We seek to create neighbourhoods where people share skills, knowledge and resources, working together to solve challenges, despite differences and disagreements.


We care about catalyzing a successful transition to low carbon living where we live lightly on the earth, eat delicious nourishing food, and support each other with a mix of private and co-living spaces.

At the heart this is a space for transformation both inner and outer.  


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